History Camp
History Camp

We're sorry to share that there will be no History Camp for summer 2014. We are using this year to evaluate and re-energize History Camp based on all of the feedback we’ve received from our many participants. Sadly, we realize this means we’ll all be missing out this summer, but we are confident that the results of our program review and refresh will be the top-notch experience you’re hoping for.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in other potential camp opportunities in Maine this summer, please check out Maine Summer Camps. You may also be interested in the Machias River Wigwams Program, run by the Downeast Salmon Federation. For more information, contact Maria McMorrow.

Finally, we wanted to share an exciting opportunity for rising sophomores and juniors in Maine during the 2014-15 school year. Our Student Humanities Ambassador program will give selected students a chance to plan, execute, and evaluate a public humanities program in their communities.

We are sorry to disappoint this year’s hopeful History Camp participants, but we hope you’ll keep your eyes and ears open for future programming. If you’d like to receive notification of MHC camp offerings for 2015, please email Gina so we can get you on the list.

What is History Camp?

History Camp is a one-week daytime seminar for 7th – 12th grade students who enjoy history. Each history camp theme is related to a Maine person, historical site, or event in United States history and may be offered in collaboration with a history-related organization.

Who is eligible?

Students entering grades 7-12 and homeschoolers in those ranges.

What do you do at History Camp?

  • Visit museums, archives, and historic sites
  • Learn from the experts and ask questions
  • Use primary source materials
  • Discuss what you are learning and doing

What does it cost?

It’s free to students bitten by the history bug!

Who runs the camps?

Directors are teachers and museum educators selected by the Maine Humanities Council for their interest, experience, and enthusiasm.

How are the themes selected?

Themes are selected for their connections to Maine history and their relevance to aspects of U.S. History.

What History Camps are being offered this year?

We have one History Camp in 2013.

Digging Up the Past: Archaeology and History at Colonial Fort Richmond will be in Richmond from June 24 - 28.

What’s expected of participating students?

Participants are sent a book pertaining to some aspect of the theme. They are expected to read, learn, discuss, and have a great time with other history buffs.

Is there a registration deadline?

We will accept the first 25 students who apply.

How will I know I've been accepted?

We will reply to your "preferred email" on the application, or by phone message if there is no email given. At the end of May you will receive an envelope with the text as well as other information and Health and Field trip forms.

Enrollment for each camp is limited to 25 students. When a camp is filled, that information will be posted on the website. If an application comes in after the camp is filled, we will notify you at the preferred email or phone listed on the application. Additional information about each camp will be posted on the appropriate camp page as soon as it is available.

What History Camps have been offered in past years?

It’s so much easier to learn when you don’t have to worry about grades!”

I felt most engaged in forming my own opinions”

We were treated like college kids.”