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Grants Program

Assisting nonprofit organizations in Maine to develop public projects


Jerome Bennett
(207) 773-5051


Available Grants

Democracy, Journalism, and the Informed Citizen

We are offering special grants for organizations wanting to explore how we can stay informed and the role being informed has in creating a strong democracy.

What do we need to know for a democracy to thrive? What role does the local press play in helping us stay informed? What role does journalism play in our lives? What are some challenges that social media platforms bring to traditional news sources? How do we determine what to pay attention to when we are exposed to so much media content? How can we identify hidden biases in the information we consume? These are only a few of the many questions to be asked – no doubt you have your own. There are no simple answers, but we think there is wisdom to be gained by inviting Mainers across the state to discuss these important issues.

Miss the deadline for this special grant category?  No problem, your initiative will qualify for our mini and/or major grants.

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Arts & Humanities Grants: up to $1,000

Upcoming Deadlines: 

  • March 14, 2019 | October 17, 2019

Arts & Humanities grants, a partnership between the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine Arts Commission, support innovative community projects that have BOTH arts and humanities components.

  • Application: Download the Guidelines and Instructions, the Word application, and the Excel budget form.
  • Applicants must speak with representatives from both organizations—Jerome Bennett at the MHC (207-773-5051) AND the MAC (207-287-2750)to make sure their project fits the guidelines.
  • Submission/Deadlines: October 2019. Projects must begin no sooner than 8 weeks after these deadlines.
  • Review: Applications reviewed by committee from MHC and MAC.
  • Notification: Within 6 weeks after the deadline.


Mini Grants: up to $1,000

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • November 13, 2018 | March 1, 2019 | June 7, 2019 | October 4, 2019

Support for a wide variety of public humanities projects, such as exhibits, lecture and film series, reading and discussion programs, symposia, cultural celebrations, etc.

  • Download Word application and Excel budget form. Finished application and budget form should be emailed to
  • Project must begin no sooner than 8 weeks after the deadline.
  • Review: Applications reviewed by MHC Grants Committee.
  • Notification: Within 6 weeks of submission.


Major Grants: $1,001 to $7,500

Deadlines: Optional draft due December 3, 2018; final due January 30, 2019

Support for a variety of larger humanities projects such as exhibits, conferences, films, and other initiatives.

Major grant projects have well-developed thematic content, broad public outreach, and strong scholar participation. The maximum allowed award of $7,500 is available only for exemplary projects under extraordinary circumstances.

  • Download Word application and Excel budget form. Finished application and budget should be emailed to
    • Major grant applicants may submit a draft application if they wish. it is not required and is not used as a screening process. Our committee will review it and, if appropriate, offer suggestions for improvement. Send draft application to by the draft deadline.
  • Projects must begin no sooner than 8 weeks after the deadline.
  • Review: Applications reviewed by committee of MHC board members.
  • Notification: Within 6 weeks of final submission.


It is suggested, but not required, that you call or email Jerome or Lizz to discuss your project idea for Mini and Major Grants. We are happy to provide advice and suggestions that may strengthen your application.

Office hours for grant queries (207-773-5051):

  • Mondays: 12 – 5

  • Thursdays: 12 – 5

  • Fridays: 9 – 5

Our Mini and Major Grants are funded by:


Our Arts & Humanities Grants are funded by:

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