Foster meaningful discussions grounded in compelling texts

We are working to build a cohort of facilitators who live all over Maine, who have come to facilitating with us from all walks of life.  We’re looking for people who love to engage with books, poems, and big ideas, and who are eager to discuss them with the incredible people who live in our state.

The humanities, for us, are a rich, living array of people’s efforts at understanding and sharing their experience of living – stories, poems, essays, art, ideas.  Discussion of humanities texts is a way for people to refine, unsettle, and expand their understanding of their own lives and the lives of others.

So the people who facilitate our humanities discussions value, enjoy, and are really good at reading and exploring poems, stories, and ideas and drawing other people into discussions about them. Some of our facilitators work with words professionally, as writers, teachers, professors – but many don’t. Some have formal training in facilitation – but many don’t.

Facilitating for MHC is flexible, paid, contract work.  We provide ongoing training, mentorship, and support for our facilitators, and the chance to connect with our state-wide network of facilitators – people who are also community organizers, social workers, teachers, librarians, social service providers, veterans, journalists, you name it.

Application deadlines are March 31 (for spring training) and August 31 (for fall training)

  • We encourage applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds, particularly those from historically underrepresented groups, whose professional and personal experiences can help us work toward realizing our vision of the communities of Maine transformed by the power and pleasure of ideas.
  • Please apply!