New Community Outreach Grants | August 2015

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$1,000 for “Poetry as a Force for Social Dialogue: A Panel Discussion”, Belfast Poetry Festival, Belfast

Poet Elizabeth Gordan McKim will design and moderate a panel discussion on “Poetry as a Force for Social Dialogue” at the 2015 festival. McKim will also lead a workshop and participate as a featured reader in the showcase events. Focusing on the possibilities and challenges of fostering poetry to explore social issues and community engagement, McKim will encourage a robust and informed conversation from scholars and panelists with diverse perspectives. The discussion will subsequently be organized as a media documentary and written transcript available to state organizations as a model for using the arts to engage community.


$1,000 for “Insights on the Outside Edge: A Musical Journey from Mexico to Maine”, Eastport Arts Center, Eastport

Patricia Franceschy, a jazz musician born in Vera Cruz, will share her personal journey from Mexico to the U.S. through storytelling and performance, opening a community dialogue and exploring the cultural heritage of Maine’s newest immigrants. With Washington County experiencing a growth in its Hispanic and Latino population, the story will target an intergenerational audience and provide opportunities for participants to discover and contribute to the context of the performance. The project will also partner with Shead High School and Eastport Elementary School for performances within school.