New Infrastructure Grants | October 2015

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$8,000 for “Beals Historical Society Lobster Boat Preservation Project”, Beals Historical Society, Beals

The Beals Historical Society will construct a cold-storage building to house and display two historic lobster boats. Both boats provide a look into the evolution of lobster boat design, including the transition from oar-powered designs to the introduction of the internal combustion engine. This permanent space to house the historic boats is crucial in preserving the lobster boat building and lobster fishing history of Beals Island for coming generations and will teach visitors about an important aspect of Maine’s history, economy, and culture.

$8,000 for “Bonney Memorial Library Expansion”, Cornish Library Association, Cornish

The Bonney Memorial Library Expansion project will approximately double the size of the library, providing meeting and program space, more room for collections, full handicapped accessibility, reading and study areas, and air conditioning. The increased space for meetings will be essential for recent expanded programing, including poetry reading, author readings and presentations, and talks on seed starting and composting. The expansion project will allow more participants as the library continues to offer services that meet and support the educational, informational, and recreational interests of all members of the community.

$8,000 for “Installation of a Digital Marquee at the Alamo”, Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport

The Alamo Theatre project will greatly improve the theatre’s ability to promote their many events, both at the theatre and Northeast Historic Film‘s archives. Currently, the only way to change the theatre marquee is by climbing a tall ladder to change the letters, which is somewhat dangerous and very time consuming. With a digital marquee, able to display multiple messages, this project will have a sufficient impact on the promotion of events and will continue to be a bright and shining light in the center of Downtown Bucksport.

$8,000 for “Levi M. Stewart Private Library Access & Interpretion Project”, Town of Corrina

The Levi M. Stewart Private Library is a historically significant collection of 6, 500 books that have been housed, uncirculated, in the Stewart Library Building in Corrina for a century. The purpose of the Library Access and Interpretation Project is to make this significant local resource accessible to researchers and the public for the first time, and to develop interpretive exhibits within the space to tell the story of Levi M. Stewart, his personal library, and his philanthropic gift to the town of Corrina- the Stewart Free Library Building.

$8,000 for “Library Renovation & Expansion Project”, Dr. Shaw Memorial Library, Mount Vernon

The Dr. Shaw Memorial Library renovation and expansion project will increase accessibility and intergenerational humanities programming for residents of the rural communities of Mount Vernon and Vienna in Kennebec County. Through this project, the library seeks to strengthen and expand its role in connecting people to new ideas, to each other, and to their community.

$8,000 for “Renovations to presentation space at Mayo Street Arts”, Mayo Street Arts, Portland

The project will make improvements to the exhibition space at Mayo Street Arts to assist with presentations of performances, lectures, and exhibits. Upgrades to the exhibition space include audio-visual equipment, a lectern, and replacing an outdated electrical system and lighting.

$8,000 for “Winslow Exhibit Sites-17th&18th Century Kennebec River”, Winslow Public Library

Old Fort Western’s new Center for the Study of the 17th and 18th Century Kennebec River will create two exhibits of archeological artifacts discovered in the excavations of the four Kennebec River Forts (Fort Richmond, Fort Shirley, Fort Western, an Fort Halifax) to be displayed in Winslow, where Fort Halifax was located. One exhibit will be placed at Winslow Public Library and one will be placed at the Winslow Town Office. Two archival display cases will be used to house the exhibits.

$7,453 for “Telling Virginia’s Story: The First English-Built Ship in North America”, Maine’s First Ship, Bath

Maine’s First Ship proposes to create a professional exhibit to enhance their presence in Bath as they construct Virginia, a recreation of the first English-built ship in North America. Their Visitor Center promotes the history of the 1607 colony that built the ship at the mouth of the Kennebec, it’s archeology, and the history of the original Virginia.

$7,180 for “Repairing the Great Ossipee Museum”, Hiram Historical Society, Hiram

Funds are being used to help refurbish the Great Ossipee Museum in Hiram for historic collections, classes, and events. The building will be safer, more usable, able to accommodate additional exhibits, and be more comfortable and attractive to visitors. The Museum will serve as a neighborhood cornerstone of historic Hiram attractions.

$5,000 for “Planning and Development of Permanent Exhibit”, Musée Cultural du Mont Carmel, Lille

The Musée Cultural du Mont Carmel will receive funds to support the planning and development of phase one in the creation of a permanent, comprehensive exhibition of French heritage artifacts. Artifacts are from the museum’s collection about the story of the St John Valley of northern Maine from the 1600’s to today.

$2,484 for “Abbe Museum Online Collections”, Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor

The Abbe Museum will convert their collections management database for online access.  Abbe Educators will build lesson plans that incorporate catalog entries and curators will use the database to create quick and virtual exhibits. Through this project, schools and students limited by travel will be able to access the museum’s collections from the classroom, which will assist with independent research as well as Wabanaki-focused lesson plans.

$2,450 for “Returning the General’s House to the General”, Pejepscot Historical Society, Brunswick

As part of an effort to utilize more of the Chamberlain House structure for programming, the Pejepscot Historical Society will reconfigure their heating system for maximum efficiency. This project is the extension of an efficiency upgrade beginning in 2013 with a conversion from an oil to natural gas heating system. The Chamberlain House, originally home to Civil War general Joshua Chamberlain, is an important humanities site in countless ways, and it’s preservation is one of the central charges of the Pejepscot Historical Society.