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Your gift of a book is tax-deductible and will ensure that the program receives the specific volume it needs to stay strong.

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For over two decades, Let’s Talk About It has been at the core of the Maine Humanities Council’s library-based initiatives. A scholar-led reading and discussion program, Let’s Talk About It reaches at least 35 libraries throughout Maine each year. It’s a program known for delighting, inspiring, and educating participants. As one participant told us recently, “You drilled home ideas I’d had a little exposure to …[and] allowed me to devote time to thinking more deeply about them.”

It’s a program about people and communities. And about ideas—our own and ones that differ.

And it’s about books. Books are the center of the program: the start of each session, the core of discussions, the part that instantly connects everyone in the room through the shared experience of reading.

Sadly, many of this program’s books are in trouble. Just this year, we discovered that significant water damage had destroyed all copies of books in “The Gilded Age” series, requiring us to withdraw that series for now. Other series—such as the popular “The Mirror of Maine”—are facing significant replacement expenses for well-loved books with damaged bindings, yellowed pages, and torn covers.

Each year, we seek grant funding for our library programming, but grants can’t fully support the cost of all the books we need replaced. If you can help support the books for this important program through our online Let’s Talk About It book registry, you’ll be helping Mainers in all corners of this state form community through the shared reading of a wonderful book.


Thank you!