2018 Letters About Literature: Jasmine Lockwood

Level 1 First Place

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Entry from the 2018 Letters About Literature competition


Dear Mary Lou Carney,

“She must hate me. Really hate me.” I have parent problems, just like Garren. If you are anything like me you know life can be hard at times, but you can always get through them. If you have ever been abused like I have you have knowledge of what tough really is. Yes, an algebra test can be hard, but that really isn’t what I’m talking about. Garren has different problems with his parents, but I can connect with the theme. He has trouble seeing his parents together. I can’t see my parents.

I have problems with my parents, because I can’t see them. Garren has problems seeing his parents together, because they are getting divorced. My mom went to jail, my dad didn’t come to court, so I have new parents. You see, I’m adopted. I have new parents that are a lot better than the old ones. You can’t be “Too tough to hurt,” but you can get through it, no matter how hard. Your book, Too Tough To Hurt, was the first and only book I have ever read that connected to a piece of my life. My parents have been a problem my whole life. Instead of feeling angry, I felt hope. For the first time in a long time, I felt hope. Hope that the world may someday improve, improve to where nobody anywhere has to deal with abuse. That is one of the worst experiences to have in your memories.

I now have the knowledge that if something like that ever happens to anyone ever again you can get through it, no matter how hard it may seem. Remember one thing. If you remember one thing out of everything, remember that you can never be quote “too tough to hurt” but you can destroy any negative obstacle in your path. Thank you for making me realize something, realize there is always a glint of hope.


Jasmine Lockwood