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Our work during COVID-19

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It is our honor to be able to offer $424,000 of CARES Act relief funding to humanities-focused non-profits in Maine. And we will do whatever we can to help keep people connected in their day-to-day lives.

The Maine Humanities Council is more committed than ever to supporting people in Maine’s communities as they find ways to connect meaningfully with each other amid great uncertainty and change by engaging with books, poetry, and big ideas.

This moment requires great flexibility. We are keen to find ways to foster connection that is nourishing and genuinely reciprocal using online platforms, phone calls, exchanges of emails or letters… however it is that people can meaningfully share their understanding.

Currents Grants and Programs 

  • CARES Act Grants
    $424,000 awarded to 94 humanities and cultural organizations that are facing financial hardship resulting from the coronavirus. These grants are provided as part of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act economic stabilization plan, via the National Endowment for the Humanities.
    Full Award Listing
    Full CARES Act Grant Guidelines 



  • Remote-facilitation Skill-shares
    Throughout May, we helped anyone hosting text-based discussions via Zoom feel at ease building connection, supporting reflection and sharing ideas, and engaging groups with a text online.
     Full Guidelines


  • Mini Grants
    As people and communities across Maine and the world practice physical distancing, we are eager to support projects that use the humanities to connect people across physical distance, whether they make use of digital technologies or use ways of connecting those without access to digital tools.
    Apply by August 7, 2020