Family and Gender in Contemporary China

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Podcast Nancy RileyNancy Riley is a professor of sociology at Bowdoin College whose work focuses on family, gender and population, and China. She has completed years of research in Dalian on the family lives of women factory workers, and taken groups of students (and one group of faculty) to Asia with the support of the Freeman Foundation. Publications include (with James McCarthy) Demography in the Age of the Postmodern (Cambridge University Press, 2003) and “Challenging Demography: Contributions from Feminist Theory” (Sociological Forum, 1999). In de-mystifying cultural practices such as foot binding and arranged marriage, Riley explains how she encourages students to get beyond the assumptions they’ve made about women in China.

This talk was part of the 2008 Views of the East teacher program in Brunswick, Maine, which was co-sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Maine. Views of the East is a program of the Five College Center for East Asian Studies through the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia, funded by the Freeman Foundation and Unum. We welcome your feedback on this episode.