Flash Reading: Poetry

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One of the highlights of each 10-day residency in the Stonecoast MFA program is the “flash reading” by faculty members. Each writer gets three minutes in which to share his or her work before introducing the next writer in the queue.

Here are five flash readings by Stonecoast poetry faculty, all recorded at the January 2008 Winter Residency. The first is Annie Finch, director of the Stonecoast MFA program, reading two poems: “Esbat” and “Moon from the Porch.” More of Annie’s poems are available in audio format at From the Fishouse. Then Lesléa Newman, whose web page consists of excerpts and information on her writing for both adults and children, reads a poem called “Mugged.” Timothy Seibles reads three pieces: “Edge,” “Booty-full,” and “Alison Wolf.” Baron Wormser, whose website, Teach Poetry, includes an archive of his work and several audio recordings of poems from his 2005 chapbook, Carthage, reads “A Visitation: 1968.” Finally, Ted Deppe, director of the Stonecoast program in Ireland, reads his poem “Phone Call from Finland.”