Pens and Pistol Shots: Crimes of Passion in Stendhal’s France

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Mary Rice-DeFosseThe 2011 Winter Weekend selection, Stendhal’s The Red and the Black follows a young intellectual man from a provincial town who tries to make it in 19th century Paris. Stendhal’s psychological portrait of Julien Sorel and his love affairs mesh well with a satiric depiction of religious and society life.

Mary Rice-DeFosse, Professor of French at Bates College presented a lecture entitled “Pens and Pistol Shots: Crimes of Passion in Stendhal’s France.”

The Council’s annual Winter Weekend, a humanities seminar on a classic text, provides an opportunity for readers to confront, in a group setting, an important work of literature. Held at Bowdoin College in early March, the program begins with a Friday evening lecture and dinner (a gastronomic taste of the time and culture reflected in the chosen text). The group reconvenes Saturday on various aspects of the book, from cultural context, to critical analysis, to explorations of specific themes.

Winter Weekend 2011 took place March 11 and 12, 2011 at Bowdoin College.