Raymond Miller: An “Unhappy Wanderer” on the Streets of St. Petersburg: Raskolnikov as Superfluous Man

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This talk was delivered on March 8th as part of Winter Weekend 2014, Crime and Punishment. In it, Raymond Miller discusses the phenomenon of the superfluous man in Russian literature, and the ways in which Crime and Punishment’s Raskolnikov does and does not fit with his predecessors in that category.

Raymond Miller is recently retired from Bowdoin College, where he taught Russian language and literature for 30 years. He has lectured and written extensively on Pan-Slavism and the history of Romanticism in East Central Europe. His current projects include an intellectual biography of the Slovene scholar and Pan-Slav ideologue Jernej Kopitar and Dostoevsky’s relationship to his early inspiration, Nikolai Gogol. He holds a BA in Russian literature from Harvard and is president of the Society for Slovene Studies.