Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Grant Winners

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Supported through a special grant category for Maine-based organizations seeking to use Pulitzer Prize-winning writing, journalism, photography, drama, or music composition in their 2016 programming.


Pulitzer Centennial Campfires Initiative


$1,250 for “Bangor High School World Geography Symposium”- Bangor High School

  • The Bangor High School World Geography Symposium will be held to create a forum for the exchange of ideas on geographic issues and challenges both within the State of Maine and across the world. Pulitzer crisis reporter Larry Price is invited to share his photojournalism/research on the refugee crisis, child labor, and pollution with students as they study key geographic themes, film, and photography.


$1,000 for “Bar Harbor: Birthplace of the Pulitzer Prize”- Jesup Memorial Library

  • Join Pulitzer biographer James McGrath Morris and “Pulitzer’s Gold” author and journalist Roy Harris for a moderated discussion in the birthplace of the Pulitzer Prize, Bar Harbor. In the last years of his life, Joseph Pulitzer spent time at his Bar Harbor estate, Chatwold, where it is believed he came up with the idea for the prize. McGrath Morris’ “Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print, and Power” is considered the authoritative biography of Pulitzer; and Harris’ “Pulitzer’s Gold” is an in-depth look at the prize and the journalists who have won it over the past 100 years. Together they will speak about Joseph Pulitzer and the eponymous prize from its Bar Harbor birth to today. Featured along with them will be a local historian who has extensively researched Pulitzer’s Bar Harbor estate Chatwold.


$4,650 for “Editorial Cartoons: Insight or Insult?”- Merrill Memorial Library and Portland Public Library

  • Adam Zyglis, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, will present two lectures on the topic “Editorial Cartoons: Insight or Insult?” Drawing for the Buffalo News in New York, Zyglis works on the cusp of free speech in American democracy. He will also visit Yarmouth High School to talk with students about the issues in editorial cartooning. A display of his editorial cartoons will be available in the library’s art gallery for two weeks surrounding the event. Co-sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine, Yarmouth Public Schools, and Portland Public Library.


$3,050 for “His Story, Her Story, Our Story: Making a Meaning of your Collections”- The Association of Maine Archives and Museums 

  • The Association of Maine Archives and Museums (MAM) will support a keynote speaker for it’s 2016 annual conference and a spring program series, which will provide access to information that will help initiatives across the state focused on preserving our cultural heritage and sharing it with the public. Such programs are central to the MAM’s stated mission, fostering a strong network of collecting institutions, well trained in the best practices of their profession and equipped to collect, preserve, and interpret Maine’s collective past in service of the public trust.


$ 3,000 for “Holding Power Accountable: Investigative Journalism and Democracy”- University of Southern Maine

  • A workshop and talk conducted by Pulitzer Prize winner Ralph Blumenthal, a former New York Times journalist. Blumenthal will address the need for investigative journalism an the obstacles it faces. The workshop portion will complement the talk and focus on helping community journalists, both professionals and students, develop a working knowledge of investigative practices, techniques, and tools.


$1,250 for “The Human in the Humanities: How Pulitizer-winning Photography Engages and Informs Discussion For All Ages”- Orono High School

  • Through engagement with the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Larry Price, collaborating students and faculty of Orono High School and the University of Maine, as well as members of the community, will enter into participatory exploration of issues in the contemporary world. Deepening the idea of the humanities as an equalizing and intellectual source for social good, Larry Price’s photographic texts will initiate inquiry into current events that the humanities are uniquely equipped to explore.


$4,000 for “The Little Match Girl Passion”- Figures of Speech Theatre

  • This project is a theatrical setting of the little match girl passion, David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work for four singers, in which Lang interweaves text from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with text from Hans Christian Andersen’s story of The Little Match Girl. The performance surrounds those singers with Bunraku-style puppets, masked dance, and projected shadows and film in a wordless tapestry of images that extend and deepen Lang’s synthesis of Bach and Andersen. Figures of Speech Theater is a four-time recipient of the coveted UNIMA Citation of Excellence, the highest distinction in American puppet theatre, and has received the 2004 New England Theater Conference’s award for Outstanding Achievement in the American Theater.


$3,411 for “No Laughing Matter: The Pulitzer Prize and the Art of Political Cartooning”- Auburn Public Library

  • Auburn Public Library will host a month-long symposium on editorial cartooning in the greater Auburn-Lewiston community Scheduled for the fall months preceding the 2016 presidential election, this program will feature talks by two award-winning cartoonists and the Director of Maine Archives and Museums, a cartooning workshop by a cartoonist from the Boston Globe, and an exhibit of Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoons from years past.


$2,000 for “Promoting International Understanding”- Kennebunk High School

  • Kennebunk High School, in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, proposes to bring two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Larry Price for two full days of class engagements and an evening public forum. Mr. Price’s work documenting child labor in East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, and his related project examining the public health effects of pollution, connect deeply with learning goals identified by Kennebunk High School and will inspire students and the school community alike.


$3,000 for “Pulitzer Week”- Bangor Public Library 

  • Pulitzer Week kicks of on March 24th and ends on the 31st. The event rings three Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists (Katleen Kingsbury, Boston Globe; Jim Sheeler, Case Western University; Amy Ellis Nutt, Washington Post) to the Bangor-Orono area to share their experiences and discuss the importance of journalistic excellence with the public and with University of Maine students. These events will be introduced by collaborative partners from the Bangor community and will offer public opportunities to consider how journalism interacts with the public on important social issues.


$3,975 for “Voices of the Kennebec”– Gardiner Public Library 

  • Voices of the Kennebec seeks to highlight local and regional Pulitzer Prize-winning and aspiring authors whose work in inspired by place, community, and local or family history. Gardiner Public Library‘s goal will be achieved through author readings and book discussions of our local Pulitzer Prize winners (Edwin Arlington Robinson, Laura E. Richards, and Robert P. Tristram Coffin), an exhibit featuring memorabilia from those winners, and a creative writing workshop to stimulate new works that are influenced by place.


$2, 445 for “What Can We Learn From Hemingway’s Blue Marlin?”- L.C. Bates Museum 

  • L.C. Bates Museum will explore Pulitzer Prize-winner Ernest Hemingway’s book The Old Man and the Sea and the museum’s blue marlin caught by Hemingway to provide engaging learning activities for community, student, family, and adult audiences. A public talk, a student informal meeting, and a staff and docent training workshop will be presented by Hemingway scholar Dr. Susan F Beegel. The museum project is designed to use Hemingway’s writing to build community knowledge, thinking, and discussion about our ocean environment.