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MHC and the Maine State Library Promote summer a wacky way

The MHC and the Maine State Library have joined forces to promote and support summer reading programs across the state. Shannon Schinagl, Emergent/Family Literacy and Children’s Services Consultant, and Nicole Rancourt, who heads library programing at MHC, are leading the charge.

The catalyst for a new endeavor by the MHC and the Maine State Library was when Shannon Schinagl (MSL’s Emergent/Family Literacy and Children’s Services Consultant) and Nicole Rancourt (MHC’s Program Officer heading up all our library programming) were asked to become Maine’s state representatives for the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). Their roles at the MSL and the MHC enable them to engage librarians in statewide conversations, a critical component in creating, distributing, and implementing the programs within the CSLP Manual. In this role, Schinagl and Rancourt work to keep Maine’s librarians involved in the process of developing each year’s manual, promoting best practices, and remaining an engaged voice in summer reading conversations throughout the nation.

Not all libraries use CSLP for their summer reading programs, but Schinagl and Rancourt wanted to be sure that their work supported everyone. One of the new ways they’re supporting summer reading programs is with a new video podcast, Reference THIS! Their plan is to release an episode about every 6 weeks.


Episode 1: Why should we care about summer reading?


Episode 2: Finding your way through the CSLP manual


Each episode will tackle some element of summer reading or highlight great summer reading programming in libraries around the state. It’s hokey and sort of ridiculous, too. Schinagl and Rancourt enjoy making good use of their experience as former middle level instructors to offer a fun, wacky, and informative resource for summer reading programs across the state.