Think & Drink: Biddeford and Lewiston

Single-session Think & Drinks

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Get a taste of Think & Drink at upcoming single-session events across the state of Maine

1. Lewiston: On Traffic Stops

This program will take place at Guthries on November 8 at 6:00 pm. We’re doing things a little differently with Think & Drink in Lewiston. Our debut event will be a mix of storytelling, panel discussion, and small-group conversation, focused on our experiences with traffic stops. This is part of a larger theme—”Policing, Protection, Community, and Trust”—explored in Think & Drinks across the state in 2017.


Rev. Jodi Cohen HayashidaFirst Universalist Church of Auburn

Lt. Tim Cotton, Manager of Bangor Police Department Facebook Page

Michael Sargent, Associate Professor of Psychology at Bates College and founder of The Corner live storytelling series in Lewiston.


2. Biddeford: Race in Biddeford

Join us at Engine on November 16 at 6:30pm to grapple with talking honestly about race in Biddeford. It can be uncomfortable to talk about race—so how do we begin the conversation? Join us as we grapple with how Biddeford can open itself up to having discussions about race, and how our local experience here connects to national issues.


Shay Stewart-Bouley, Executive Director, Community Change, Inc.

Kashima Fairoz and Patience Ottaviano, Biddeford High School Civil Rights Team

Lance L. O. Gibbs, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Southern Maine

Shai Patel, Local business owner