Think & Drink in Bangor, Rockland, and more

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Bangor: October 18, Nocturnem Draft Haus, 6:30 pm
Biddeford: October 20, Engine, 6:30 pm
Bangor: November 15, Nocturnem Draft Haus, 6:30 pm
Rockland: December 8, Rock City, 6:30 pm

Think and Drink audienceWe’ve all had deep discussions with our friends while we’re out at night—why not add a couple of experts to the mix and really take it up a notch? That’s the idea behind Think & Drink, a happy-hour series in Bangor (Oct. 18, Nov. 15), Biddeford (Oct. 20), and Rockland (Dec. 5) that sparks provocative conversations about big ideas. The series invites you to participate in a facilitated public conversation with panelists who have expertise in the subject at hand. The idea isn’t to create consensus but, rather, to foster an open interplay of viewpoints and perspectives.

It may not get the amount of press that the 150th anniversary of the Civil War did, but 2016 is also the 150th anniversary–of the 14th Amendment, one of the “Reconstruction Amendments” that helped to reshape the United States’ political terrain. The 14th Amendment, in case you don’t remember (we had to do some reading up ourselves), focuses on citizenship, due process, and equal protection. And so in 2016, we have taken the idea of “citizens” and “citizenship” and looked at equality, community, and the election, among other subjects.