Book Fund

Putting books in hands

The MHC Book Fund provides books to people in our reading and discussion groups throughout Maine. These books play a vital role in our work. They’re the crucial grounding for our community-based programs.

Through the MHC Book Fund, the Maine Humanities Council offers a way for anyone in Maine to put books into the hands of people who are participating in reading and discussion programs all across Maine.

Books play a vital role in our programming. Whether it’s novels, poetry, nonfiction, or picture books, books provide the grounding for our discussion programming. 

And when the program is over? Participants keep or pass along the books they use, circulating them inside and beyond their community. Every time we give people books, we also give a community those books. We increase the likelihood that someone we’ve never met might have a new book to read. 

Over and over, people tell us how reading a book they didn’t think they’d like, or never imagined they’d read, and discussing it with other people transformed the way they see themselves in the world. 

Everyone who gives to the MHC Book Fund will hear about the books that people in our programs are reading, and what kinds of topics they’re discussing. 

Support the MHC Book Fund and put a book into the hands of: 

  • People who are isolated from each other and the wider community 
  • Members of communities that have not always found the humanities to be accessible 
  • Black, brown, Indigenous, Asian-American and Pacific Islander audiences; people who identify as LGBTQ+; people who live in rural areas; people with disabilities; people who identify as immigrants or refugees; and people whose first or only language is not English (this is not an exhaustive list)

How to give 

  • Give a one-time gift online or by sending a check restricted to the MHC Book Fund. This will give a book to a person in an MHC program who needs it most. 
  • Give a monthly gift online. This will give a book a month to people in MHC programs (sometimes even all the books for all the people in a program). 
  • Give a major gift and give multiple books to multiple people in multiple programs (sometimes even all the programs in a single community). 
  • Give a gift through stock, or through your IRA (if you’re 70 ½ or older) to achieve any of the above. 

Questions? Contact Diane Magras if you have questions about the MHC Book Fund, need help, or want to share your thoughts. Thank you for your support!