Poetry Express

New Poetry Express sites

We’re thrilled to be offering Poetry Express in 2021 to a cohort of five organizations throughout Maine! Special National Poetry Month Poetry Express Kick Off: A special National Poetry Month event featuring a collective of poets including MHC staff, partners, facilitators, speakers & friends: Samaa Abdurraqib, Jan Bindas-Tenney,  Cait Vaughan, LaLa Drew, Samara Cole Doyon,… Read more

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Poetry Express on WERU

We’ve partnered with WERU Community Radio to broadcast recordings of selected Poetry Express readings!  Tune in every Thursday morning at 8:30 am or visit the station’s archives to hear past airings. Poetry Express is a collaborative program with the Maine State Library, bringing Maine poetry and poets to communities. We partner with a local public… Read more

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2019 Poetry Express sites

Belfast Free Library with Belfast’s new Poet Laureate Arielle Greenberg June 18, 2019 Themes: Home, Shelter, and Development New Vineyard Public Library with poet Margaret Yocom August 14, 2019 Themes: Natural landscape, Community, and Abandonment Liberty Library with poet Ellen Taylor September 23, 2019 Themes: The Natural World, Tools, and Small Town Life Auburn Public… Read more

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