Podcast Ann Kibbie

Winter Weekend Free Preview Talk: “The Way We Live Now”

Winter Weekend (March 9-10, 2018, at Bowdoin College), which dives deep into a celebrated work of literature over two days, offers a rejuvenating break from the mid-winter doldrums. Get a sneak peek of next March’s program with this free preview talk by Professor of English Ann Kibbie from Bowdoin College. In “The Way We Live Now:… Read more

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jumping for joy with books

Read ME: Join us for a Maine Calling live taping

Join us for the culmination of this summer’s first Read ME statewide reading program, offered to libraries around the state in partnership with the Maine State Library. More than 60 libraries participated around the state, from Aroostook to York County, reading two books selected by Monica Wood: Debra Sparks’ novel Unknown Caller, and the storytelling… Read more

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Level 3 First Place: Grace Roberts

  Entry from the 2017 Letters About Literature competition   Charles Bukowski- There is a part of me which loves human beings and the human experience. Though this part swiftly denounced you and your work as purely misanthropic, I should note that you were also somewhat asymmetrically lionized by the part which understands your distrust. In writing,… Read more

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Level 2 First Place: Digby Roberts

  Entry from the 2017 Letters About Literature competition   Dear Bill Konigsberg,   Before reading your book, Openly Straight, I wasn’t as open about myself as I am now. I came upon your story after I had finished the summer reading program for my local library. I was looking at a rack of books to chose… Read more

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Level 1 First Place: Macy Young

  Entry from the 2017 Letters About Literature competition   Dear Ms. Woodson,   I must admit, when I first came upon your book, I was skeptical. I didn’t know how a book written through poetry could tell a real story. But after reading the book cover to cover, I doubt the story would have been quite… Read more

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Key points in support of the NEH

We’re grateful that you’re willing to contact Maine’s delegation to share your support for the NEH. The more personal your contact, the more clearly your message will be heard, but if you want to add some additional information about what the Maine Humanities Council is doing throughout the state, here it is. (For a nice… Read more

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Maine’s Congressional Delegation

The more personal your call, the more clearly your message will be heard. That said, if you want a little more information about what the Maine Humanities Council is doing throughout the state, you can find it here. (For a nice summary of the most effective way to reach out to our delegation, read this… Read more

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NYC skyline with World Trade Center Towers

Register for “9/11 and the Creation of Collective Memory”

How, exactly, do our brains process information and create memories? And what if one of our memories is an event shared by an entire society—does that change our relationship to it? 9/11 has become a touchstone moment for our culture generally and for those individuals who were alive at the time. After 15 years of… Read more

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Noble High announces top 10 students

Originally posted on Foster’s Daily Democrat on June 2, 2016 “Victoria Simons, graduating summa cum laude and ranking fifth, is the daughter of Michael and Amy Barker of North Berwick, Maine. Victoria was a student ambassador for the Maine Humanities Council…” Full article   Read more

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Redeployment book cover

Veterans Book Group Registration Now Open

We are offering several book groups to all Maine Veterans / Former Service Members over the course of 2016. Groups may focus on one longer text, like the Odyssey, or instead read selected short stories, novels, memoirs, historical texts, essays, or poems related to the experience of military service. The book groups are free and… Read more

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Register Now for the Portland Seminar

Liven up your mud season and kick your mind back into gear after the long dark months of winter with MHC’s Portland Seminar. This four-session program is led by a scholar, focuses on a theme, and meets once a month–a companionable way to ease into spring. 2016 Theme: “The Outsider” In concert with other MHC programming… Read more

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100 Years of Solitude book

A vintage laptop and a Colombian plumber

It was time to take a bite out of the Apple. The store, I mean, that bright shining cube of human perfectibility, overstocked with geniuses. My MacBook was overheating and needed their cool touch. A kind and intense young woman poked around it a bit and then looked up at me with tender compassion. “I’m… Read more

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MHC’s Enthusiasm Felt Statewide in 2015

  Veterans Program “Audience members attending a public viewing and discussion of the film Last Days in Vietnam[link to film webpage] in Ellsworth had strong differences of opinion about some issues the film raised about the war. Realizing this, they talked about the need to listen to one another and did just that, respecting and really… Read more

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