Consider This: Bangor

Bangor Area Recovery Network

Recovery, resilience and health

Community Partner:

The Bangor Area Recovery Network (BARN) provides a sustainable and reliable community recovery center that supports the needs of people affected by addiction. A volunteer run organization, BARN is a safe place for people to grow in recovery, providing resources and support to those in Eastern and Central Maine. Consider This provided opportunities for the Bangor community to share stories of recovery, resilience, and growth. 


Darren Ranco

Darren J. Ranco, PhD, a citizen of the Penobscot Nation, is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Native American Programs at the University of Maine.  As a citizen of the Penobscot Nation, he is particularly interested in how better research relationships can be made between universities, museums, Native and non-Native researchers, and indigenous nations.  In this work, his commitment to community partnerships and storytelling is most salient.  Through protocols of Wabanaki diplomacy, Dr. Ranco specializes in bringing diverse knowledge communities together to solve long-standing problems and create pathways for healing relationships between humans and non-humans. 


Haley Beem

Inspirational Artist:

Carmine Leighton

Collaborating with people to tell their stories through expressive arts (visual art, drama, dance, music) provides new and often-surprising results. Creative activities have been proven to facilitate healing from trauma, provide stress relief, release the capacity for self-expression, and encourage empowerment and recovery. Carmine experienced art and expressive therapy firsthand years ago as a client struggling with post traumatic stress. In therapy sessions, she told her story in comic book form as a way to heal. She is grateful for the role that creativity has played in her life and her recovery from trauma and substance use. Carmine supports her clients in exploring how expressive arts may help them create a new narrative.