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Schwartz Forum 2017

How can we know?

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In 2017 we explored the question “How can we know?” since it arises everywhere, for everyone.

Expert guides shared how they seek answers:
How can we know what our prognosis is when we’re ill?
what a cookbook can tell us about a place? how to
transmit emotions through dance? what’s making
spots on this blueberry leaf? how to talk about it all?


  • Paul Han, MD, MA, MPH, Director, Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Maine Medical Center
  • Jonathan R. Cohen, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, University of Maine at Farmington
  • Don Lindgren, Owner, Rabelais Fine Books on Food & Drink
  • Lindsey Bourassa, Founding Director, Bourassa Contemporary Flamenco Dance Studio
  • Seanna Annis, PhD, Associate Professor of Mycology (that’s the study of fungi—we had to ask too!), University of Maine School of Biology & Ecology