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Global Awareness in Maine Schools

with Dr. Flynn Ross

May 12, 2020 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm | Bethel Library

A World in Your Library talk

Dr. Flynn Ross is the coordinator for ETEP, the Extended Teacher Education Program at the University of Southern Maine.  It is a graduate level teacher certification program.  She is the state co-coordinator of the Scholars Strategy Networkto promote public scholarship in the media and legislature to enhance democracy.  Her research is focused on high quality teacher preparation and ensuring access for underrepresented teaching candidates.  Dr. Ross is also involved in community action research to improve educational opportunities and attainment through the Westbrook Children’s Project.  She is the faculty coordinator of Equity and Excellence in Maine Schools, a Maine based clearinghouse of resources and supports for ensuring access to high quality education for all students. 

World in Your Library
is a speaker series focused on current events and relevant issues, both local and international. Free to Maine’s libraries, World in Your Library gives small rural communities access to experts and the opportunity to explore complex topics, gain insight, and broaden perspectives.