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Poetry Express

with Margaret Yocom

August 14, 2019 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm | New Vineyard Public Library

Themes: Natural Landscape, Community, and Abandonment

Join Margaret Yocom for a free community poetry reading! Poetry Express gathers community members to explore poetry relevant to that town. A featured poet helps participants pick selections and learn how to read poetry; then the program culminates in a community performance.

From Margaret Yocom:

How does a dot on the map become, to each of us, the place we decide to make our home—whether our relatives have been here for generations or whether we have only recently decided that this is the place we belong? New Vineyard has been a chosen land from the start: from the days before memory, people of the Penobscot Nation have lived on this land. In 1791, people of Martha’s Vineyard—descendants of British Isles folk who crossed an ocean to settle that New World island—moved inland to build a new home, here, among the forests of spruce and fir, of moose and deer, of lakes and rivers and brook trout.

Ever since, the people here have dreamed and built many new New Vineyards. Mills and logging, dairy cows and farms. Summer homes at lake’s edge. Many hands help shape these visions: new citizens from lands further afield, from Finland, from Italy; artists, musicians, poets, and writers; business men and women; town managers; teachers, librarians, and postal workers; gardeners and road crews; caretakers for children and the elderly, for those in need.

The place we love keeps changing around us. How do we face our losses, how do we honor what has passed? How do we accept that different futures are coming? How do we cultivate hope and resilience—and love. Love for our neighbors, our town, and the wondrous natural world that surrounds us?

Poems spoken aloud lodge in our hearts; they accompany us on a journey of discovery as we pay kind attention to what New Vineyard is today and welcome visions of what it might become.