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Recalling Home: Writing in Exile

February 25, 2016 | 5:30pm | McKernan Center, Southern Maine Community College, South Portland

A free public talk by writer and essayist Reza Jalali

Reza Jalali

Reza Jalali, a writer and essayist, discusses the challenges that a displaced writer faces in writing about “home,” a place that might have vanished or been lost to wars and mishaps but still occupies a space in the writer’s memory. The short talk includes readings from Jalali’s books New Mainers, about Maine’s immigrants, and Homesick Mosque and Other Stories, a collection of short stories about the lives of Muslims in post-9/11 America.

About Reza Jalali

Reza Jalali is a writer and an educator whose books include New Mainers, the award-winning Moon Watchers, and Homesick Mosque and Other Stories. His play, The Poets and the Assassin, published in 2015, is about women in Iran and Islam. He has been featured in the National Public Radio’s nationally-acclaimed storytelling program, The Moth Radio Hour. When not writing or playing soccer for fun, he advises students at the University of Southern Maine and Bowdoin College.