What should we read?

Find something to spark your discussion

We want to help you find books and other kinds of texts that will foster rich discussions in your group, about things that are meaningful to them. 

MHC Featured Reads are books we’re engaging with in lots of ways – so your group can too! 

Each of these books can invite discussion of a wide variety of important issues, ideas, and aspects of lived experience.  They can serve as the focus of your Discussion Project, or as one of several readings you choose.  We have a lot of supporting material and opportunities to share about these books! 

We’ve also got some suggestions for you!  There are so many wonderful books that can serve as the center of a Discussion Project: we’ve gathered a few together here. Use one or several. Use them alone or with other books you know or want to know. Build the reading list your group needs! 

Featured and Suggested Reads

An Unkindness of Ghosts

MHC Feature: Readers Retreat

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MHC Feature: 2022 National Book Festival

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MHC Feature: Maine Novel

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Sigh, Gone

MHC Feature: Maine Memoir

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Additional Readings