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Maine at 200

Many Maines, Migration & Borders, Race & Ethnicity, Wabanaki Voices.

Maine’s bicentennial year is an invitation to take stock, to look back with new eyes at what’s already happened, to look around with renewed care at what’s happening now, and to grapple with big questions.

We listened to communities around the state and chose four interrelated themes for our engagement with the bicentennial: Many Maines, Migration & Borders, Race & Ethnicity, Wabanaki Voices. Throughout 2020 and beyond, we aim to be a resource for a wide range of rich discussions in partnership with people and organizations all over Maine.

How can you join the discussion?

Host or join a Discussion Project at your work, at your library, or in your community. People tell us MHC book group discussions enable people to meet each other more fully and deepen their understanding of themselves and the people around them.

Bring a bicentennial speaker to your library!
With World in Your Library, our highly qualified, Maine-based speakers provide communities with a rare opportunity to explore current topics of interest.

Explore our bicentennial library toolkit
Imagine Maine’s Story: A Bicentennial Library Toolkit provides Maine-related programs for each age group in your community, a list of organizations around the state you might want to get to know, and specific resources available to libraries this year.

Apply for a grant! What are you working on? How can we help? We award grants to projects all over Maine that reflect the many and various backgrounds, communities, and cultures of our state.

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Support our work to bring a wide range of rich discussions to communities statewide.

Get involved with other bicentennial projects and events happening in your community.

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