How should life be?

The Big Question

October 19, 2019 | 10:00 am-4:00 pm | Riverton Community Center, Portland

We at the Maine Humanities Council view our state’s bicentennial year, just a few months away, as an invitation to take stock, to look back with new eyes at what’s already happened, to look around with renewed care at what’s happening now, and to grapple with big questions.

To start with, we listened to communities around the state and chose four interrelated themes for our engagement with the bicentennial: Many Maines, Migration & Borders, Race & Ethnicity, Wabanaki Voices. Throughout the coming year, we aim to be a resource for a wide range of rich discussions in partnership with people and organizations all over Maine.

And the bicentennial year, grounded in these themes, prompts us to ask: How should life be?

And like any really big question, How should life be? raises still more questions:

How is life here, now? What do we mean when we say the word ‘life’? Whose lives are we imagining? And that word should … what does that word do?

At The Big Question this October, the MHC will jump-start a year of curiosity, inquiry, and close attention to how we live, where we live, and what it might mean in the light of our four themes with a day of delving together into the question itself: How should life be?