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Your gift of a book, done through this page, is tax-deductible and will ensure that the program receives the specific volume it needs to keep Let’s Talk About It strong!

Hugh Manatee's BR Social MediaHugh Manatee, like any good humanities mascot, loves Maine’s library programming. But he’s seen what it takes from the inside, too, especially with all those books.

Each MHC Let’s Talk About It series needs book replacements—for damaged books or out-of-date books (or books that just don’t work with the series for which they were intended). And some of our popular series can’t be offered because the amount of damaged or out-of-date books is so great.

We’ve reached a point where our book replacement needs can make a significant difference in some of our most-loved series, as well as newer ones.

Hugh invites all of his fellow Let’s Talk About It fans across Maine to visit the form below and help replace some of his favorite books.

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Each year, Let’s Talk About It book groups bring stimulating conversation and discussion to communities throughout Maine.

To ensure this program remains strong, Hugh is asking for your help in updating some of his favorite books in need of replacement.

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What people are saying about Let's Talk About It

  • In a small rural community our citizens do not often have the opportunity for the kind of stimulating conversation and interaction with scholars that this program provides. Having Maine Humanities Council make this program available in our libraries is invaluable since most of us could not afford this kind of quality programming from our own resources.

    -Librarian, Norway

  • Each time [we have a program] I have witnessed townspeople who didn’t previously know each other come together and develop great friendships in the course of discussing literature. The scholars that have hosted these series have, without exception, been welcoming, encouraging, and of a caliber that would not otherwise be available to us. The program provides each library with multiple copies of each of the books in a series, removing economic barriers that might prevent some of our patrons from participating.

    -Librarian, Blue Hill

  • [Let’s Talk About It provides] good opportunities for people of different ages and life styles in the community to get together.

    -Librarian, Auburn

  • I really think that this experience was beneficial both on an academic level and on a mental level as well. Not to be weird but this make me feel intellectual. I haven't felt this since college. I spend most of my time with people who use books to even out the crooked table legs. Thank you for allowing me to feel good about having my opinion shared. It really makes me seem (by this I mean I can't let anyone know I really am, haha) normal.


  • The books that may seem difficult for one person are enjoyed by others. The challenges that come with these series is the ability to hear what others understand and have experienced that may either be different or similar to my experience. It allows for growth in our thinking.


  • Enjoyed the opportunity to hear the voices of neighbors and others whom I might not have exchanged opinions with.