Book Groups

Hosted by vital partners all over Maine, our book groups enable participants to meet each other more fully.


Ask us about bringing a book group to your community.


Let’s Talk About It

Has your library joined the discussion?

Violence and Belonging

Photo by Dan D’Ippolito

This is a book group for people who really want to talk about the books. It’s free (we supply the books), it’s organized (there’s a theme and all the books fit that theme), and we match your group with a facilitator to guide the conversation and really get everyone thinking. Each Let’s Talk About It program consists of four or five books on a central theme. A facilitator adds depth and breadth to the conversation, creating a good atmosphere for discussion and making sure everyone feels free to share their ideas and questions with one another. With over 40 great series to choose from, there is something for everyone!

And it’s very easy! MHC loans the books to libraries, identifies the facilitator, provides publicity materials, and offers advice on organizing and publicizing your program.