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Let’s Talk About It

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After Frost

Poetry in New England

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American Revolutionary Generation

Voices of the American Revolution

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Becoming American

Struggles, Successes, Symbols

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Crossing Over

Contemporary American Indian Writers

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Entering Nature

The Human Self in the Natural World

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Exploring Human Boundaries

Health Care Providers and Their Patients

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Family and Self

Twentieth Century Japanese Fiction

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Going to Sea

A Variety of Voices

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Growing Up Between Cultures

Cultural, Ethnic, and National Identity

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Making a Difference

How Love and Duty Change Lives

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Making a Living

Work in a Changing America

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Making Sense of the Civil War

Voices from the Past and Present

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A Matter of Trust

Journalism, Democracy, and Truth

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The Mirror of Maine

Maine Community in Myth and Reality

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Mysteries by Maine Authors

The Gritty Underbelly of Maine

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Opening Windows

Women’s Stories from Five Cultures

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Refreshing the Whodunit

Moving Beyond Christie and Doyle

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Rebirth of a Nation

Nationalism and the Civil War

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American Poetry of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

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Violence and Belonging

The 14th Amendment and American Literature

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The Way We Were

The Contemporary American Family

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Where Am I?

The Individual and the Community

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