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Literature & Medicine

A reading and discussion program for health care professionals.


Meghan Reedy
Program Officer
(207) 773-5051


Literature & Medicine for Hospice Care Providers

In 2015, the MHC partnered with Hospice of Southern Maine to offer a Literature & Medicine style reading and discussion program. We developed a syllabus of readings that address challenges and rewards specific to hospice work, and were excited to bring the program to a range of professionals who care either directly or indirectly for hospice patients and their families. 

Most participants noted improvements in the following areas as a result of their participation in the group:

  • Job satisfaction: 84%
  • Commitment to your work: 67%
  • Appreciation of the skills and contributions of your colleagues: 78%
  • Ability to communicate with colleagues: 99%
  • Ability to deal with the stress of your work: 67%

If you are interested in taking part in Literature & Medicine for Hospice Care Providers, please contact Meghan Reedy, Program Officer.


  • "The group provided a platform to vocalize the everyday details that are unspoken, or become mundane when you are in it always. Sharing the depth of this work with others in this setting was a real gift.”

    -- Participant, Hospice Program

  • "[I] feel [an] improved sense of mission with my colleagues.”

    -- Participant, Hospice Program

  • "[I] have been dealing with death and dying for the last 42 years professionally and personally experienced a multitude of griefs (ie: deaths by suicide, death of my child and my newborn). It is why I do this work but this group made me stop and spend time in literature and poetry that I wouldn't have done due to time constraints. It is the actual process of stopping your work, your world and reading and thinking that was so valuable. Many of the works helped me immensely in healing my own recent grief over the loss of my son especially 'Kindness' and 'Without'”.

    -- Participant, Hospice Program

  • “The program provided job and team enrichment… [it] allowed participants to share experiences with each other in a relaxed but mentally/ emotionally stimulating
    context. The program strengthened inter-collegial communication, which has been identified as a need in the organization. I would also describe the program as
    'staff support,' another area of need which has been identified.”

    -- Participant, Hospice Program

  • "[As a result of my participation] I was able to respond to a husband’s intense grief and anger at the time of death of his wife differently because of Donald Hall's poetry and [will] recommend the book to him when he is ready."

    -- Participant, Hospice Program

Funded By:

The Hospice Fund at the Maine Community Foundation

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