Maine National History Day


Maine National History Day (NHD), sponsored by the University of Maine Humanities Center and the Margaret Chase Smith Library, is an annual event for teachers and students in grades 6-12 that promotes critical thinking skills through project-based learning. Students choose a category–website, paper, exhibit, documentary film, or performance–and compete in a statewide event held at the University of Maine each spring. The top finishers in each category travel to Baltimore, MD for the national-level competition in the early summer.

Why do History Day with your students? Because it adheres to a variety of academic standards, instructors can use History Day techniques in their classrooms to foster presentation and critical thinking skills.  This project-based learning experience allows students to choose their own topic (and become experts on that topic), develop research skills, and gain confidence and new skills.

For questions about judging, contact: John Taylor, Maine NHD Coordinator, 207-474-7133.