Book Groups

Hosted by vital partners all over Maine, our book groups enable participants to meet each other more fully.


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New Books, New Readers

"I never imagined I could belong to a book group."

New Books, New Readers uses books at various, accessible reading levels to open the world of books and ideas. Series are comprised of 9 books that explore a relevant and complex theme, such as “Carrying the Past,” “Real Life,” “Community,” or “Caught Between Cultures.” There are 25 series with a new one developed each year. Participants learn to love reading by engaging in facilitated discussions that relate a book’s themes to their own lives. They are given a copy of every book in the series to keep and are encouraged to share their enjoyment with family and friends. In this way, New Books, New Readers turns out to be community building, personal and educational development, and a social outlet, all at once.