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For programming in summer/early fall of 2018

Applications due February 16, 2018

MHC HQ-195

Photo by Dan D’Ippolito

It’s easier than ever to stay on top of the news; worldwide events are at our fingertips, in real time. But if you want to get a grip on the bigger picture, it can be harder than ever to find reliable coverage that explores both local and international issues in depth. Communities are increasingly turning to their libraries to gain this kind of information, perspective, and insight, and World in Your Library can help public libraries meet this growing demand.

How it works: Participating libraries will host a single event or a series of three hour-long presentations, providing their communities with a rare opportunity to explore these topics with experts. To ensure that the speakers and topics match the interests of the community, libraries will choose from a listing of topics from highly qualified, Maine-based speakers.

Presentation: We ask presenters to plan on speaking on the agreed upon topic for 45 minutes. Fifteen minutes of Q&A will follow each presentation. The librarian will introduce the program and the speaker.

Scheduling: After being awarded the series, libraries will contact speakers to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time for a presentation. They will also let speakers know what topic/ presentation they would like. Libraries are responsible for communicating their events schedule to MHC by at least 6 weeks prior to your first event. All events must be completed by October 31, 2018.

Marketing/Publicity: MHC will provide some press and publicity materials for each library to use in marketing their program in their community.