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Your gift of a book, done through this page, is tax-deductible and will ensure that the program receives the specific volume it needs to keep Let’s Talk About It strong!

Hugh Manatee's BR Social MediaHugh, like any good humanities mascot, loves Maine’s library programming. But he’s seen what it takes from the inside, too, especially with all those books.

Each MHC Let’s Talk About It series needs book replacements—for damaged books or out-of-date books (or books that just don’t work with the series for which they were intended). And some of our popular series can’t be offered because the amount of damaged or out-of-date books is so great.

We’ve reached a point where our book replacement needs can make a significant difference in some of our most-loved series, as well as newer ones.

Hugh invites all of his fellow Let’s Talk About It fans across Maine to visit the form below and help replace some of his favorite books.

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