Doorsteps and the MHC

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Doorsteps…the MHC sees a lot of those.

The doorstep is where we wait for a few moments after a long car ride, our ears dulled from the hum of the road, and indulge in a stretch. A doorstep is where we kick off the snow from our boots. It’s the first place we walk before we step inside.

And once we’re inside, the work begins to blossom. Our partners tell us how our shared programs are going and what they need for next time. Our partners-to-be tell us what issues they’re facing and how we might help. Our audience explores, inspires, explains, and listens, enriching the program with its members’ thoughts and opinions.

Doorsteps are the key to the MHC’s work: they’re the entry to the place where the power and pleasure of the humanities happens.

And with that in mind, we invite anyone who has experienced the MHC—partners and participants alike—to share a photo of your doorstep or the doorstep to your favorite site and tell us what you like most when the MHC staff or programming is inside.

Interpret that as you wish, be creative, and please use the hashtag #MHCDoorstep on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Also, feel free to tag us!

Thank you!