The Rise of Abraham Lincoln

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Podcast Bruce Chadwick Before he was the leader of a nation torn apart by a Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was a young man growing up during tumultuous times in Illinois. In the first presentation of the Lincoln Bicentennial Symposium, historian Bruce Chadwick explained Lincoln’s rise to power from his first unsuccessful race for the state legislature to his election as President. Chadwick spent 23 years as a journalist before earning a doctorate in American history in 1994 at Rutgers University. He is a professor, historian, lecturer and author of 28 books, including a lengthy series on baseball history.

This lecture was part of the Legacy of Lincoln symposium co-presented by the Maine Humanities Council, Maine Historical Society, and American & New England Studies Program at USM on March 21, 2009. Victoria Bonebakker of the Maine Humanities Council and Richard D’Abate of the Maine Historical Society introduced Professor Chadwick’s talk.