The Hugh Manatees in Dover-Foxcroft

Where are the Hugh Manatees in Maine? We're sending three of our mascots to libraries around the state! Can you guess where Hugh is?

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Hugh’s 29th mystery site was the Muriel Philpot Watson Library at Foxcroft Academy!



From the library: “Hugh arrived, and was so happy to see green with all the snow we had he asked if he could hang out in the plants for a while.  I of course said yes, I do understand. Once Hugh was relaxed and warm, he went out and about to meet folks. Once I showed him the picture he realized he was photo bombed, he had to meet them too! Hugh met Ally, she loves to photo bomb, Tom was willing to share his apple, but is shy.  Hugh did not mind he is handsome and likes being the star of the show. Hugh then went on to meet some of the other inhabitants of the library. He thought they were cool.”

Site 29 img 1 Site 29 img 2
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