The Hugh Manatees in Falmouth

Where are the Hugh Manatees in Maine? We're sending three of our mascots to libraries around the state! Can you guess where Hugh is?

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Hugh’s 30th site was the Falmouth Middle School Library!

Hugh Falmouth middle school library

From the library: “Once upon a time, in a galaxy near to home, Hugh Manatee visited yet another library. He began his visit with a little view on the world of this one-room space – he shared tea and crumpets with Webster the library cat. While Hugh and Webster were chatting several clues to their location were visible. Clearly the library knows its alphabet, the patrons are young, but not too young. Webster showed Hugh the color printer and a big reference book. Hugh then read aloud from a special booklet about the town’s history.

All-in-all Hugh and Webster had a lovely time together. The patrons of the library are enjoying showing Hugh around. He is acting a bit like an Elf on a shelf appearing in mysterious spaces in the library.”

Hugh site 30 img 4 Hugh site 30 img 1
Hugh site 30 img 3 Hugh site 30 img 2


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