The Hugh Manatees in Paris

Where are the Hugh Manatees in Maine? We're sending three of our mascots to libraries around the state! Can you guess where Hugh is?

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Hugh’s 21st site was the Hamlin Memorial Library and Museum in Paris!

Fun fact: “Our library and museum is housed in what used to be the county jail for Oxford county. The small model of the jail (our building!) that Hugh is next to in the first picture was a local child’s school project that they donated to us. My favorite fun fact about the history of the building is that there was once a successful jailbreak here. The inmates chiseled out around one of the granite blocks, pushed the block out and escaped through the hole. They were never found.”

Hamlin Reveal 2

Hugh site 21 img 1
Hugh site 21 img 3
Hugh site 21 img 4 Hugh site 21 img 2


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