Book Groups

Hosted by vital partners all over Maine, our book groups enable participants to meet each other more fully.


Ask us about bringing a book group to your community.

Book Groups

MHC book groups happen in places where people are already gathering for important reasons

  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Domestic Violence Prevention centers
  • Correctional facilities
  • Homecare and hospice providers
  • Adult education centers
  • Drop-in centers

The people who gather for our book groups are members of staff, community partners, volunteers, clients, supporters, students; they are veterans, or caregivers, or people living in incarceration; they are interested in reading and talking together.

Each group reads a carefully selected series of novels, poems, memoirs, short stories, you name it, and they gather four or five times to reflect together on what they’ve just read, with the structured support of a skilled facilitator from outside the group’s own setting.

There is a simple magic available when people read something in common and then meet to discuss it in a structured way. Participants in these groups have told us over and over that MHC book group discussions have tremendous value for them, enabling people to meet each other more fully than the daily round allows, to recall and rearticulate their understanding of themselves and their lives in the world, and to refresh and recalibrate their awareness of and empathy for other people’s experience.

  • "For forty years I have been looking for words to describe my experience and I finally found them right here in this ancient book (The Odyssey)."

    -Veteran participant

  • "Even reluctant speakers become leaders in linking literature to their hopes and aspirations."


  • "I am more at ease with myself and the people around me because I have opened my mind to another experience."

    -New Books, New Readers participant

  • "I found myself feeling better connected to the day to day issues
    affecting the many young people I have had the good fortune to teach."


  • “The program helps me reaffirm the need to attempt to bring a supportive healing attitude to my work area.”