Consider This

Inspiring us to think, feel, remember, imagine, and relate to the lives of fellow Mainers


Jerome Bennett
Program Officer
(207) 773-5051


Consider This

A community initiative

Because we are all living different versions of the same story.

Consider This is a community initiative that uses storytelling and visual art to foster discussions on resilience.

How do we do this?

  • We partner with a variety of organizations to form a planning team within a community that will plan and execute a series of pop-up exhibits through meaningful community partnerships.
  • The planning team works within their community to find a featured storyteller and local artists.
  • Storytellers share stories of healing and resilience with artists
  • Artists interprets the storyteller story and produces a piece to display for the event series
  • We showcase the art in series and foster transformational conversations.

Why we are doing this

  • To foster strengthened community connectedness in the communities we serve.
  • To work collaboratively with communities and bring together multiple disciplines.
  • To foster important and powerful community discussions