Discussion Project

Community discussions grounded in texts

Fall programs begin September 2021
Applications for spring 2022 programs open September 23

Our dream is that anyone and everyone in Maine who wants to should have the opportunity to join in a rich, meaningful discussion with others about things that really matter to them.

Whether the people in a group are linked by their work, their place, or their lived experience, Discussion Projects foster real communication and connection among participants through listening and being listened to. Every project’s discussions are grounded in the group’s shared experience of a compelling text or set of texts.

We are especially keen to support projects serving those who are most deeply isolated from each other and the wider community, and those whose work has public impact.

  • Organizations serving and led by members of communities traditionally under-resourced in the humanities are encouraged to apply.
  • These groups include people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, people who live in rural areas, people with disabilities, people who identify as immigrants or refugees, and people whose first (or only) language is not English. (Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.)

What people are saying about the Discussion Project

  • "Even reluctant speakers become leaders in linking literature to their hopes and aspirations."


  • "I am more at ease with myself and the people around me because I have opened my mind to another experience."


  • "I found myself feeling better connected to the day-to-day issues affecting the many young people I have had the good fortune to teach."


  • “The program helps me reaffirm the need to attempt to bring a supportive healing attitude to my work area.”


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