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Assisting nonprofit organizations in Maine to develop public projects


Jerome Bennett
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Supporting projects that encourage a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, foster wisdom in an age of information, and provide context in a time of change.

Major Grant applications have been reviewed and approved. You can expect a notification by March 21, 2019. We’re looking forward to working with our 2019 Major Grant cohort.


A program at The Telling Room, funded by the MHC. ©Winky Lewis

A program at The Telling Room funded by the MHC.  ©Winky Lewis

The MHC Grants Program assists Maine’s nonprofit organizations in developing community projects that incorporate one or more humanities disciplines. We are particularly interested in supporting projects that:

  • Stimulate meaningful community dialogue,
  • Attract diverse public audiences,
  • Are participatory and engaging,
  • Invite discovery of the humanities in interesting and exciting ways,
  • Incorporate the guidance of humanities professionals,
  • Are free, and
  • Are collaborative.

Projects in rural areas and those that reach intergenerational audiences are also of particular interest.

Our Mini and Major Grants are funded by:


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