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Dancing to Lionel Doucette and Don CyrThe Maine Humanities Council regularly produces one-day enrichment programs on a variety of topics. Open to the general public, teachers, and students, the programs encourage dialogue and conversation, always aiming to broaden perspectives and understanding. We have addressed poetry and politics, art and architecture, religion and language–here is a sampling of some of our past programs:

Conversations About the Middle East & North Africa, November 19, December 9 & 12, 2011
A series of lectures, conferences, and facilitated discussions based on The Arab World and Western Perspectives at the Crossroads.

Margaret Chase SmithMargaret Chase Smith and Today’s Political Climate, Hinckley, September 30, 2011
A day-long conference on the legacy of Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith in light of today’s divisive political atmosphere.

What do Borders Mean?, September 16, 2011 in Houlton and September 17, 2011 in Frenchville
A scholar-led lecture and discussion of the lifestyles, perspectives, history, and contemporary issues of life on a border.

China, Japan and Korea: Perspectives on East Asia, December 3, 2010 in Saco, and April 8, 2011 in Dover-Foxcroft
These presentations, in conjunction with fascinating breakout sessions that will allow for discussion and participation, will provide a well-rounded introduction to East Asia for all Mainers.

Coming to America: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration: April 30, 2010, Portland
A one-day conference exploring the past, present and future of immigration in America and Maine, including discussions of the many challenges that surround the issue.borderland map

Cuban Exceptionalism: Reflections on Latin American History: December 4, 2009, Portland
A one-day conference studying the colonial history of Cuba, the Revolution, and the post-revolution era of the region.

Looking for Zora: The Many Lives of Zora Neale Hurston: October 17, 2009, Lewiston
A conference exploring the life and work of Zora Neale Hurston.

Africa in Transition: April 9, 2009, Waterville
A program for K-12 teachers exploring the challenges modern Africa is facing

Leadership in a Time of Crisis: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Symposium: March 21, 2009, Portland
This day-long symposium will address many aspects of Lincoln’s life and legacy through scholarly presentations.

Fear, Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law: October and November, 2008, Portland and Bangor
A free, two-part public program with speakers and a panel discussion of the historical context and current debate surrounding civil liberties.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Conference 2008: January 12, 2008, Portland
A conference examining King’s radicalism, how the civil rights movement was represented in photographs, approaches for the classroom, how Hollywood depicts the civil rights movement, and Maine’s involvement with civil rights.

a-good-bookFall Weekend: All the King’s Men: October 20, 2007, Portland
A one-day look at what is perhaps the best American novel about politics: Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men.

Oral History Workshops: 2007 — 2008, statewide
An extensive day-long workshop training local groups in the techniques of starting and maintaining an oral history program.

Kennebec-Chaudière Corridor: A Cultural Heritage Tour: October 5-8, 2007
A bus trip exploring the history, landscape, and folklore of the communities of the corridor, from Saint-Georges and the forested wilderness of Jackman to the tidewaters of Merrymeeting Bay.

Humanities Fest: 30th Anniversary Celebration October 21, 2006, Lewiston
This free humanities festival was a celebration of the Maine Humanities Council’s 30th Anniversary, featuring speakers on wide-ranging topics.

Barn Again: April 7 – October 22, 2005, statewide
This Smithsonian traveling exhibit traced the history of farming and the unique place barns hold within our culture.

Poetry in the Branches: June 13 & 14, 2005, statewide
This training was designed to teach librarians how to develop new audiences for poetry.

Let Freedom Ring!: October 11, 2001, statewide
One month after the events of September 11th, citizens throughout Maine gathered in their local libraries to share their thoughts about that tragic day and its consequences.