Poetry Express

Maine poetry read by Maine neighbors

Poetry Express is a collaborative poetry performance program of the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State Library that brings poetry and poets to your community.

  • MHC partners with a community and a local poet who identify important community themes. 
  • The Maine State Library provides curated resources, anthologies, and collections of Maine poetry—from the historical to the contemporary—that touch on the community’s themes. 
  • Community members select Maine poems, learn to perform those poems in a workshop with a local poet, and host a community poetry reading and conversation event.
  • We are partnered with WERU Community Radio to broadcast recordings of selected Poetry Express readings!  Tune in every Sunday Morning at 9:30 am or visit the station’s archives to hear past airings.


With the Telling Room


With host post Kifah Abdulla


With Family Violence Project



Poetry Express was originally designed by poet Wesley McNair with support from the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.

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