Dorothy Schwartz Forum

Inviting people in Maine to think about themselves and the world.


Meghan Reedy
Program Officer
(207) 773-5051


Dorothy Schwartz Forum

Saturday, October 21, 2017

"How can we know?"
Mechanics Hall
519 Congress Street, Portland
10:30 am - 4:30 pm
w/ Lunch and Cake

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The Schwartz Forum brings people together with expert guides to explore a big idea.


This year we’ll explore the question how can we know? since it arises everywhere, for everyone.

Expert guides will share how they seek answers:
How can we know what our prognosis is when we’re ill?
what a cookbook can tell us about a place? how to
transmit emotions through dance? what’s making
spots on this blueberry leaf? how to talk about it all?

And there will be plenty of discussion time!
How do you know what you know?
We’d love you to join in.


  • Paul Han, MD, MA, MPH, Director, Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Maine Medical Center
  • Jonathan R. Cohen, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, University of Maine at Farmington
  • Don Lindgren, Owner, Rabelais Fine Books on Food & Drink
  • Lindsey Bourassa, Founding Director, Bourassa Contemporary Flamenco Dance Studio
  • Seanna Annis, PhD, Associate Professor of Mycology (that’s the study of fungi—we had to ask too!), University of Maine School of Biology & Ecology


Pay as you will … $9 – $49

Lunch included—and don’t forget about the cake!

If you’d like to order more than two tickets, please call Karen at 773-5051 and we can handle it in a single transaction over the phone.

What people are saying about the Schwartz Forum

  • "I'm from rural Maine and your programs are essential to my 'lifelong learner' experience."

    -Program participant

  • "The most meaningful part of the Darwin Forum was the balance achieved between humanities, science and art. This was a big, bold, ambitious project."

    -Program participant

  • "Lovely day - more than informative: inspirational."

    -Program participant

  • “This is such a fantastic idea- to have a multidisciplinary approach to these issues to encourage collaboration."

    -Program participant

  • "[The most meaningful part of the experience was] the sense of community and update on information [about climate change].”

    -Program participant

  • "[I was] exposed to more, and many, connections in Maine between organizations, institutions, and people."

    -Program participant

  • "[I left with] an enlightened understanding of the unfortunate changes [due to climate change] and conviction that we can act to change the future.”

    -Program participant

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