The Big Question

Because thinking is a team sport.


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The Big Question

A day of multi-faceted thinking in honor of Dorothy Schwartz

What is work for?

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On the third Saturday in October, people gather to wrestle with a large philosophical question together. In a setting suited to the year’s task, with expert guides on hand, people get to spend longer than usual thinking, listening, moving, talking, sharing a meal – feeling their way through one big, relevant question from lots of angles.

The Big Question
we’re grappling with this year is What is work for?

Every day, all over the world, so much work is getting done – on land, at sea, in the air, in space; by people, animals, plants, insects, microbes, and increasingly by engines, machines, computers, servers … all this work … what’s it for?

It’ll be on Saturday, October 19, somewhere near Portland. Details will be forthcoming … we’re working on it!

We used to call this event the Dorothy Schwartz Forum – but, in keeping with Deedee’s dedication to bringing as many people together as possible around big, important questions and ideas, it seemed fitting to give it a simple, direct name:

The Big Question
a day of multi-faceted thinking in honor of Dorothy Schwartz

What people are saying

  • “This evening has been a thoughtful exercise, a compassionate act, and an uncomfortable stretch.”


  • "Lovely day - more than informative: inspirational."


  • “This is such a fantastic idea- to have a multidisciplinary approach to these issues to encourage collaboration."


  • "[I was] exposed to more, and many, connections in Maine between organizations, institutions, and people."