Student Humanities Ambassadors

2016-2017 Ambassadors

2016 SHA

Fletcher Dellavalle, Megan Keirstead, and Isobel Straub (L-R)

Fletcher Dellavalle, Megan Keirstead, and Isobel Straub

Rangeley Lakes High School, Rangeley

We are excited to work with them this coming school year—stay tuned to see what they create!








2014-2015 Ambassadors

Abigayle Hopkins

Junior, Machias Memorial High School, Machias

Abi Hopkins

My name is Abigayle Hopkins and I am a junior at Machias Memorial High School. I am developing a program to educate people in my community on feminism. Feminism is an extremely important topic to me because I believe in empowering women and men with the belief that everyone is equal. I also believe that feminism is not something that is just for women. It is for women, men, and children alike to spread the word that it’s okay to be both strong, and emotional. Feminism rocks! Read about Abi’s event, The Feminist Project, which took place on April 27, 2015.

 Take a look at the curated list of feminist resources Abi compiled for her project.

Victoria Simons

Junior, Noble High School, Berwick

Tori SimonsMy name’s Victoria Simons and I’m a junior at Noble High School. I enjoy creative writing, playing soccer, and spending time with family. I love shopping and going to the beach, as well as styling hair and reading. This year, my humanities project revolves around the concept of fear. I, myself, find it fascinating that, on a global scale, fear is one thing that connects us all. Whether it may be the worry of acceptance or the scare of the dark, rational or irrational, fear is a mutual emotion that we all share. To bring this idea to life, I’ll be working with the students of the North Berwick Primary School, creating a film in which they star, exploring the central ideas of what fear means to them, what they’re afraid of, and how they overcome fear and stay brave.