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Literature & Medicine

A reading and discussion program for health care professionals.


Meghan Reedy
Program Officer
(207) 773-5051


Literature & Medicine Grants

Offering grants to Maine health care facilities to help support Literature & Medicine

In Literature & Medicine programs, a small group of ten to twenty-five healthcare professionals meet for a series of four to six facilitated discussions of shared readings, each discussion lasting about two hours. We define ‘healthcare professional’ as anyone working in a healthcare organization, since every healthcare organization employee’s work impacts patient care directly or indirectly. These book groups offer healthcare professionals a rare opportunity to reflect together on their work and life experience through the lens of literature.

We are able to offer up to $1000 each to a limited number of Maine healthcare organizations to help support Literature & Medicine book groups in 2017.

Application Deadlines

For Spring 2017 Programs

November 15, 2016

(Spring sessions must be completed between January 1 and June 30, 2017)

For Fall 2017 Programs

June 30, 2016

(Fall sessions must be completed between September 1 and December 31, 2017)

About L&M Grants

The Literature & Medicine grants are competitive. Recipients of a Literature & Medicine grant will receive up to $1000, to be used to defray the cost of the facilitator’s stipend. Maine Humanities Council staff will select a facilitator for each recipient, in consultation with the recipient Organization, and will provide significant, ongoing support regarding all aspects of the program. MHC also provides clear guidelines for the program, which recipient Organizations will be expected to follow.

  • Any healthcare organization in Maine may apply.
  • Organizations applying for the first time, or after a gap of more than five years, are asked to speak with Meghan Reedy, program officer for Literature & Medicine, prior to submitting their application: /   207-773-5051

We will take the following into consideration when reviewing grant applications:

  • The Organization’s overall commitment to the program, including financial and administrative support, as well as participant interest.
  • The willingness and capacity of the Organization’s Site Liaison and other committed staff to work closely with MHC staff and the Literature & Medicine 

Expectations of Literature & Medicine grant recipients

The MHC developed the Literature & Medicine program in close consultation with healthcare professionals around Maine, and has continually worked to refine and improve the program throughout the 17 years since its inception. The expectations outlined below are the result of this careful work and long experience – and are intended to help each Literature & Medicine group be successful and valuable to participants and to the Organization.

1) Program Logistics – which outlines the makeup of the group and the general shape of the meetings.

2) Administrative and In-Kind Support – which explains the critical role and responsibilities of the Site Liaison.

3) Financial Support – which details the cash cost of the program.

1) Program Logistics

  • The Literature & Medicine book group will be open to all healthcare professionals related to the Organization. We define ‘healthcare professional’ as ALL employees – since all have a direct or indirect impact on patient care – as well as members of the surrounding community who are professionally involved in patient care.
  • Deliberate effort will be put into ensuring that the group represents a wide range of health care professionals as defined above – drawing participants from many departments and occupations in the Organization and surrounding community.
  • The program will be offered to participants free of charge or for a minimal or sliding-scale fee; cost must not pose a barrier to participation by any healthcare professional as defined above.
  • The group will have a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 25 participants.
  • The group will meet for at least 2 hours, four to six times. Dates and times for the meetings will be decided by the Organization in consultation with the Facilitator. Spring programs must be completed between January 1 and June 30, 2017; Fall programs must be completed between September 1 and December 31, 2017.
  • It is strongly recommended that the Organization provide substantial snacks or a light supper at each meeting, or make considered arrangements for participants to bring food potluck.

2) Administrative and In-Kind Support

  • The Organization will designate a staff member as Site Liaison. The Site Liaison will be expected to:
    • Work closely with MHC staff and the Literature & Medicine facilitator to
      • choose appropriate meeting dates and times,
      • identify issues and themes important to participants, and
      • select appropriate readings.
    • Arrange meeting spaces (and snacks / suppers).
    • Arrange publicity for the Literature & Medicine group, with MHC support.
    • Enlist assistance from colleagues in recruiting participants.
    • Obtain and distribute readings to participants.
    • Attend all Literature & Medicine sessions.
    • Communicate with participants, facilitator, and MHC during the course of the program, as necessary.
    • Keep accurate records of participant registration and attendance.
    • Assist MHC in administering program evaluations, results of which will be shared with the Organization.
    • Complete and return to MHC all necessary paperwork, including records of participant registration and attendance; Site Liaison’s program evaluation; and in-kind contribution record.
  • The Organization will provide an appropriate meeting space.

3) Financial Support

  • The Organization will commit a minimum of $500 as a cash match towards the cost of the program, to be applied first to the facilitator’s stipend and travel expenses (travel is calculated using the current federally approved rate). Note that the cash match must come from the Organization’s budget, and cannot come from participant fees.
  • The Organization will be responsible for any balance of the facilitator’s stipend and travel expenses that remains once MHC grant funds and the Organization’s cash match have been expended. MHC grant funds can only be used towards the facilitator’s stipend.
  • The Organization is strongly encouraged to absorb or defray the cost of readings, but may defray this cost through donations, a minimal or sliding scale participant fee, etc. Note that cost should not present a barrier to any potential participant.
  • The Organization is strongly encouraged to absorb the cost of snacks or a light supper.

Please contact Meghan Reedy, program officer for the Literature & Medicine program, if you have any questions at all.   /   207-773-5051

To Apply

Please download and fill out the appropriate Literature & Medicine Grant Application form in full, and return it via email, fax, or mail.


Organizations who have received a Literature & Medicine grant within the past five years should use this form.


Organizations who have not received a Literature & Medicine grant within the past five years should use this form.

Submitting Applications

Please submit your application to Meghan Reedy in one of the following ways.

By email

By fax

(207) 773-2416

By mail

Meghan Reedy
Literature & Medicine Program Officer
Maine Humanities Council
674 Brighton Avenue
Portland, ME 04102

Funded By:

The Hospice Fund and the Welch Charitable Fund

at the Maine Community Foundation

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