Local & Legendary: 2015 Communities

Bethel Civil War team members


The Bethel project is a partnership between the Bethel Historical Society, Gould Academy, and Bethel Library Association. They will promote local history in the schools and the community. Students will work with primary sources and assist with making local Civil War material available on-line.

Students cataloging historical documents

Livermore/Livermore Falls/Jay

In Livermore/Livermore Falls/Jay, the Spruce Mountain High School and Library (RSU 73) and Washburn-Norlands Foundation, Inc. will collaborate on a project investigating the local experience during the Civil War, particularly through Livermore’s Washburn family. Students will participate in a new course, “Our Hands-On History,” which will let them do the work of an historian in conjunction with the staff at Norlands.

Pittsfield Civil War team


The Pittsfield project will include the Maine Central Institute (MCI), Pittsfield Historical Society, and the Pittsfield Public Library. Their goal is to create community connections, and to explore “life at home” and the influence of post war and reconstruction politics on the rise of Pittsfield as an educational and cultural center in central Maine.

Rumford Civil War team


In Rumford, the Rumford Area Historical Society, the Rumford Public Library, and Mountain Valley High School (RSU 10), as well as other schools in the Western Foothills School District, will enhance their community’s understanding of the Civil War’s impact on the River Valley of the 1860’s. Using documents, technology, drama, literature, and history, the team will reach out to a broad spectrum of citizens in the project.

Scarborough Librarian holding books


The Scarborough project is a collaboration between the Scarborough Middle School, Scarborough Historical Society, and the Scarborough Public Library. The partners hope to explore the basis for the Hon. Augustus H. Moulton’s remark “no town and no place surpassed the patriotic record of old Scarboro,” as he spoke at the dedication of the Scarborough’s Soldiers’ Monument in 1913.